HighTea Teas


100mg THC Per Package

10mg THC Per Serving  (10 Servings Per Package)

The HighTea Teas are superior-quality cannabis-based teas that you can’t get anywhere else. The manufacturer, HighTea, ensures the organic and natural mix of ingredients in the creation of this tea. Moreover, besides the health benefits of drinking natural tea, you’ll also go through a psychoactive experience unlike any other. After all, you can drink this tea in the evening, after a long day at work, to chill.

How does it help you?

Why is this tea any special than other cannabis-based teas? Well, each product contains 6 bags of teas, with one being worth 100mg of THC. Now you tell me why this is different from everything else you’ve tried before! The potency of this stuff is legendary, even amongst cannabis veterans. For instance, if you suffer from muscle aches, cramps, or chronic pains, this tea should be able to significantly alleviate them.

Similarly, if you’re a naturally anxious or depressive person, drinking the HighTea Teas in the morning or before an important event should put you in the best position to be successful. You must indulge in the state of wellbeing and the potent high that these teas promote!

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Majestic Mint, Cuppa Chai, Chamomile Smile, Earl Grey


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