2000mg of CBD per 30ml Bottle

Synaptix is setting a new standard for CBD!

A tincture which contains 2000mg of CBD in 30ml of oil.

This is a more concentrated version of the Synaptix 1000 therefore has approximately 2mg per drop.


PhD Chemist Formulated

Quality rests at the heart of Synaptix. All Synaptix products contain CBD and are of a high consistent quality. They are designed to provide appropriate dosages that are convenient and cost effective.

Their products are hand crafted wth precision and are derived from high purity hemp isolate. We have chosen this approach because we can assure users that the products are consistent from batch to batch and we can provide users with the comfort that, once they have established the appropriate treatment regime, they can expect the same quality and purity in the future.

While a lot of the benefits of Synaptix products may be realized when you start using them, some of the benefits of CBD may also be realized after 2-3 weeks of use.


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Approximately 2mg CBD per drop.

With an initial dosage being 7-12 drops for women and 9-15 drops for men, taken twice daily.