Strawberry Short Cookies is a deliciously sweet sativa-dominant hybrid tracing its genetic lineage to SinMint Cookies & White Strawberry. SinMint’s trademark euphoria enables the mind to melt away the day’s stresses, while White Strawberry’s relaxing physical effects and gentle spacey mental stimulation create a strategic partnership within, allowing the user to embark on any sort of adventure or task that they may see fit with this tasty treat of a strain. Whether it is a relaxing, introspective walk in the great outdoors, or a repetitive menial task like laundry or cleaning, Strawberry Short Cookies helps to add a welcomed and savoury bit of flavor to life at any opportunity. You’ll want to answer the door for these cookies as THC content can reach levels as high as 23%! As is the case with consuming high volumes of cookies, larger doses of this strain will inevitably lead to a ponderous body stone, while it’s sativa properties continue to allow the mind to soar. These potent, flavourful, minty-sweet buds are sure to have your taste buds salivating for more.

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