OGG, or OG God Kush, is a testament to the talents of modern growers. This strain is a cross between a classic indica — OG Kush — and the mysterious God Kush. God Kush is known to contain an extremely high amount of THC, and OG is a popular strain for its mellow high. Our growers have experimented with crossing the two strains, and OGG is the result. Out of all the high THC strains, OGG is the most manageable. It provides a strong buzz that never becomes too much and is a good pick for just about anyone.

For medicinal purposes, OGG can provide relief for many patients. The high THC and CBD content is perfect for those managing chronic conditions. The strong indica genes can help to alleviate pain, stir up an appetite, or combat insomnia. The strong cerebral high can push away feelings of stress and anxiety, leaving you ready to tackle the day.

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