Electric Extracts is a small batch shatter company out of the Okanagan in British Columbia.
Specializing in quality over quantity you can expect great product from these guys with amazing clarity and flavour!

With a granulated sugar or wet sand texture, and gold and amber in colour-sugar wax is created through a specific solvent mix and purging process, slightly different from shatter or batter. This consistency allows the terpene profile to permeate through the extract releasing the strains vibrant smells and flavours.

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2g, 1g, 7g, 14g, 28g


Master Kush (I), God Bud (I), Northern Lights (I), Sour Maui (S), Strawberry Cough (S), Sour Tangie (S), Moby Dick (S), Silver Haze (S), Girl Scout Cookies (H), Krazy Glue (H), Bruce Banner (H), WiFi (H), Wedding Cake (H), The White (H), Gelato (H), 24K (H), Cotton Candy (H), OGG (H), Orange Aid (H), Variety


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