Delush Full Spectrum CBD Vape Pen


0.5g Full Spectrum CBD

Whether you are a long-time CBD user or just getting started, Delush’s Full Spectrum CBD Vape Pen delivers the healing results you are looking for, without the carcinogenic metal mechanics of other pens on the market. Their unique ceramic-coil vape pen is durable without sacrificing style, making your experience both carefree and aesthetically pleasing.

Designed to deliver relief from inflammation, pain, anxiety, insomnia, and as an aid for restful sleep; this pen helps put your mind and body at ease, promoting balance and harmony. Formulated with Full Spectrum hemp-derived CBD, organic terpenes and premium organic MCT Oil. Their pens are set to heat at a low, consistent temperature (below 200°F) as to not cause harmful carcinogens.

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Simply inhale from the pen until the pink heart lights up, indicating that CBD has been drawn. To charge, unscrew the heart cap on the bottom of the pen and use a universal Micro-USB charging cord.