Culture Indica Vape Pen


400mg BHO Indica THC
– Best for Evening/Night-time use.

Culture’s products contain only pure butane extracted cannabis oil,
which has a reputation for being the purest and cleanest type of
extract. Free of harmful additives, Culture’s difference is reflected in
the delicate flavour of their concentrates. Both pure and potent.
They use a ceramic coil/burning system and only use 100% raw
organic cannabis terpenes along with their BHO extraction.

.5 ml/gram oil
Battery Power – 75,550 Lithium Battery ~ 150 draws/pulls
Ideal storage temperature – 0 – 35C
Ideal storage is with the pen mouth piece down
No roll technology! It is an oval and wont roll off the table

*These are electronic recyclables. Recycle at any recycling depot after use. No batteries, no replacement coils, no cartridges and not big and bulky.

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