Budway’s $200 Edible Bundle

$240.00 $200.00

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Chocolate Sour Key 100mg THC, Gummy Bears 150mg THC, Watermelon Wheels 100mg THC, Wigglers (sativa) 100mg THC, Sour Green & Blastin Blue Raspberry Sour Belts 150mg THC, Sour Peaches (hybrid) 100mg THC, 2 x Jellies (indica & sativa) 120mg THC, 2 x Tarantulas (indica & sativa)

Twisted Extracts:

2 x Haileys Comet 1:1 40mg THC|40mg CBD (Grape & Watermelon)

2 x Sativa Jellies 80mg THC (Apple & Orange)

1 x 1:1 Sativa Jelly 40mg THC|40mg CBD (Mango)


Splash Of Baron 100mg THC