30 ml & 50 ml Bottle
A perfect blend for therapeutic benefits of both THC and CBD! Our tincture bottles come with a measured stopper so providing the exact dose of medicine for yourself or someone you love is easy.

Budtanicals carefully handcrafted line of medicinal products use only the best available locally sourced ingredients, are lab tested, developed and certified to provide potency, purity and consistent dosage levels. Quality is the Budtanicals Guarantee.

Budtanicals THC CBD Balance Tincture comes in a 1:1 ratio in a 30 ml and 50 ml bottle.

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Painkilling | Arthritis| Intestinal inflammation| Reduces nausea and vomiting | Relieves anxiety | Smoking Cessation, seizures and epilepsy| Suppress muscle spasms | Neuropathic pain | Depression | Acne| Eczema | Psoriasis | Skin cancers

Effective against nerve related pain | Chronic pain| Arthritic pain | Depression/PTSD/Bipolar | Produces anti-anxiety effects | Nausea and vomiting | Appetite stimulant | Sleep aid: Insomnia and healthy individuals | Improved sleep in chronic pain | Sleep apnea | Suppress muscle spasms in MS and SCI| Alzheimer’s type dementia: disturbed behaviors, agitation and aggression, may directly impact progression

Until you know how this product effects you, consume 1 ml and wait a minimum of 3 hours before consuming more. The use of this product may impair motor skills and may cause dizziness.

This product contains Cannabis extract and has intoxicating effects. Do not operate a motor vehicle while under the influence of this product. Do not mix alcohol as it may intensify the effects. Please use responsibly and keep out of reach of children and pets. Store in a cool, dark location.

Supplement Facts:
Serving Size:
1 ML

Per Serving:
15 mg THC
15 mg CBD

Proprietary Blend:

30 ml
450 mg THC
450 mg CBD

50 ml
750 mg THC
750 mg CBD

Grape Seed Oil, Closed Loop Extracted THC, C02 Extracted CBD

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30 ml, 50 ml


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